What is Fibromyalgia?
About Us

From the beginning, we have provided and continued to update an educational manual that is given to each new member. This 75 page plus informational booklet answers many questions and grows constantly to meet member needs. There is enough data to assist a doctor in understanding and treating Fibromyalgia. Also, there is a book and
tape library.

We have published over 250 eight-page monthly newsletters. Through all this hands-on work, leaders and members have become quite educated and considered experts in some areas. Local media often calls on FMFSG for interviews and public education on Fibromyalgia.

Station Casinos is a major community supporter of our group. They are kind enough to print, fold, and mail over 1,000 newsletters a month to all our members all over the world! Since not even 20% of our membership can pay dues, we are not physically able to run huge fundraisers, and have no “income”, our services would be severely limited without their support. Their assistance in this monthly project allows the group to reach more people and invest funds in more educational materials.



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