What is Fibromyalgia?
About Us

to protect them from unnecessary treatments, isolation and despair. Our goal is for members to regain their health, self-esteem, dignity and have hope for the future.

In January of 1996, when FMFSG began, we jumped to 100 members within the first 6 months. At the start of the second year, it was 200 people. We are now looking at over a thousand members all over
the world!

In the beginning, we met every three weeks for Brunch at a Denny's Restaurant. (People could not wait an entire month!). By summer, we continued our Brunch Meeting AND started having monthly Evening Meetings during the third week. Through the years, morning gatherings became Lunch Meetings but remained social and friendly. At night, we scheduled many speakers with helpful topics. It wasn’t difficult to find qualified individuals.



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FM Friends Support Group • 2249 Marion Center Court • Henderson, NV 89052