What is Fibromyalgia?
About Us

The term Extended Family emerged and FMFSG became a “safety zone”, where people enjoy being accepted as they are unconditionally. It was a joy for all to be believed (the disease is real!), accepted and understood! We were an escape for many who lacked family, friends’ and physicians’ support in their battle against FM.

The group became a lifeline to education, references and resources. Through classes, materials, books, tapes and personal contacts, anyone wanting to improve had every opportunity. Besides education and encouragement, our function was (and still is) to provide self-help information that can help anyone improve considerably. Mainstream medical information, complete with a sample treatment plan, gives members a place to begin and improvement depends greatly on their OWN efforts. Everyone is offered the power to take control and change her/his life!

We realize that each person is different and has other ailments besides FMS. Our approach is to promote a healthy lifestyle that will improve all areas of their functioning. They learn the effect that FM has on other



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FM Friends Support Group • 2249 Marion Center Court • Henderson, NV 89052