What is Fibromyalgia?
About Us

The first decision made was to avoid meeting places with a depressing, sad or “sick” atmosphere. We chose restaurants and other pleasant public places to make meetings a more uplifting event. A chance to “dress” and go somewhere enjoyable each month was our intention—shifting away from an atmosphere of illness.

At that time, some doctors and patients feared that support groups would be depressing places filled with venting and complaining. Our goal was to provide a friendly, social environment that was interesting and fun! We wanted a pleasant place that offered a blueprint for self-help, education, personal growth, inspiration, laughter and true friends who cared about each other. And it happened immediately!

Every Decision was based on sincere sharing, caring and love for our fellow FMS people and they knew it! Personal contact was a priority. Each person had the opportunity to speak, be heard, acknowledged and validated.



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FM Friends Support Group • 2249 Marion Center Court • Henderson, NV 89052