What is Fibromyalgia?
About Us

The only support groups we knew of met in the sterile environment of hospitals. There were no books, pamphlets of information on how to organize or operate an FMS support group - anywhere! In the early 90’s some medical facilities provided a meeting room and that was it. There were very few good books or materials on FMS at that time. As far as handouts or education, some offered a limited number that had to be replaced or paid for; mailings were nonexistent unless the member could provide the stamps. There was no list of doctors or any kind of treatment plan available when we began. Thankfully, some kind people were making efforts throughout the country, but we had no connections or “models” to follow.

We knew how we did not want to operate and went forward. We adapted the symbol for FMFSG, Guardian Angels, because it expressed the level of service and commitment we had for one another. It fit perfectly since our foundation was built on Faith, Hope and Love.



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FM Friends Support Group • 2249 Marion Center Court • Henderson, NV 89052